USC dreams destroyed

Let’s get real. I would have killed to go to USC.

I saw myself riding a beach cruiser on that brick quad since I was in middle school. How funny when my dreams were shattered after receiving a letter of rejection.

But guess who is having the last laugh or should I say giggle?

Yes it is me. Laughing all the way to dirtbags that is.

Last laugh on the cat

U of A has been the best four years of my life and also best best decision i’ve ever made.

Some background: Parents went to SC, Aunts and Uncles went to SC, Grandfather taught at the film school, so naturally I thought with my less than a 4.5 GPA I could get in.

Instead of getting fully rejected I got the legacy treatment and was told that if I got a 3.0 first semester of college, I would have guaranteed acceptance.

I cried everyday before I went to U of A. In the summer, I slaved at UCLA in a 5 hour a day 4 times a week film class, trying to earn extra credits. This meant no beach time, not that I actually get real tans. I love spray tanning. But I do enjoy frolicking in the ocean now and then.

When I finally landed in the desert, I went through the Starbucks drive thru on Campbell, I realized life wasn’t so bad… In fact, it was wonderful. I realized how great the U of A was freshman year, 1st semester.

Thinking I was going to SC on Kairos... Totally

Best. Days. Of. My. Life. And the great days keep coming!

Sure A LOT has changed at the U of A since my start in 2008, but there is still the same attitude. A parent said it best during family weekend, “U of A, is USC with cactuses.” I completely agree. Even though there is the fair share of snootiness from the SC kids at times, I think that there is a mutual respect. We love them, and they love us. We drive to fabulous LA, they drive to scary Tucson. But this is just my point of view.

Even though I thought U of A was second choice, it has really been the best place for me. I’ve learned to be independent, navigate airports, and adjust to a completely new environment. Change is not my thing, but I think a lot of people would agree.

Wearing the sweatshirt on junior prom.

I said that I was having the last laugh because I had put into my mind that SC was the ONLY school for me. U of A has been so much fun and I am literally treasuring everyday here before I graduate in May.

Senior Beach Day. Sweatshirts with bathing suits were hip in '07

I find myself acting like my nostalgic friend Megan Mceuen. All of my friends will be sitting in a room and she’ll just decide to say, “look at us friends. Were just all sitting here. Eating Chipotle. We didn’t know each other in high school, and look at us now.”

Nostalgic Friend Megan McEuen

Even though I laugh at her for this everyday, I have been having those Meg moments as I stroll through campus. I’ll be walking and think, “just walking past Old Main. Thought I hated U of A. And look at me now. Loving every second.”

But only when its cool outside. When its hot, the only thought I have is to find shade and cool water.

Since I am from Los Angeles, bringing the sorority posse is always fun and entertaining. Stay tuned because next week’s entry may get weiurd.