Giggles goes home

I did not go to Colorado this weekend. My liver needs a break from homecoming and plus I needed to write the big 8-pager that has been lurking on me since ’99.

So I went home to Los Angeles for some relaxation, a job interview,  over eating (with real food, not just mcds), and to play with my cats.

I didn’t appreciate where I was from until I moved

to Tucson to attend U of A.

A drive home

T-Locs, don’t get your feathers in a bunch, I love Tucson. I didn’t when I was stranded in my 8X10 dorm room, but ever since I got a car I can explore the finer places the dirty has to offer.


Perhaps I’m emo/dark soul, or just like pretending i’m in the Twilight series but I love the cold foggy weather.

Benefit to rain. Hunter boots.

To me there is nothing better than window shopping on Larchmont on a saturday morning with my coffee and sams bagel.

I also enjoy hanging out with my wild animals. My dog bailey is a phone call away from Cesar Milan, and my obese cats are treated as if they were my children.

Don't be deceived.

In Tucson, there is parking everywhere (except for the U of A of course). I despise parking garages, so I love the vast open parking lots at Target and Party City.


Here in Los Angeles, I embrace the Beverly Center’s winding and way-too-low-of-a ceiling parking garage. The pray to god I won’t hit the car in front of me while parallel parking on Melrose.

Stopped by Robertson on sunday to browse T- Burch. But alas the selection was at a minimum and the sales people were snooty.

Moved on to instant gratification and went to 3rd street.

Whenever i’m home I forget how many calories cupcakes have and stop by all my fave bakeries.

Sunday I stopped by Magnolia and indulged in my favorite dessert.

Best bakery

Just a rainy weekend in Los Angeles.

* One last thing. To test out SIRI on my new iPhone my dad told me to call him.

My ringtone was a dog barking.