The break


I hate Southwest. Many of you are gasping since the airline is favored by many people my age. I have enough anxiety as it is at the airport, especially when its burr outside and I have to take off basically all my clothes through security.

To not have an exact seat makes me nervous.

This time, I had a very pleasant experience on Southwest and it was not because of the free nuts.

Due to my mild panic attacks in airports, I arrived to Tucson International an hour and thirty minutes early.


My friend Jen and her underage sister, hit the bar for some relaxation. Before you know it, the two VT’s were starting to make us chuckle and we got up so Jen and Laura would not miss their flight to the Bay.

I ran into my good friend Kuds, also known as Kimmi Okuda who was on my flight. She says to me, “Jones, i’m thirsty.” So we go back to the same bar. I, a local now at the Airport bar, order a double VT for Kuds and I.


Big Mistake.

Didn’t realize I had only been having singles, so when it came time to board, i’m sorry I mean line up in a crowd, we had to chug.

It’s, it’s not me.

We got on the plane, and I had one of those embarrassing coughing attacks before we took off. I got to excited telling a story and inhaled to deep.

I was Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, colonial woman and all.

By the time I got to baggage claim, I was struggles 11. Oh did I mention we had drink tickets on the plane.

“Have you been drinking? You smell like vodka,” is what my friend Lauren said as I got into her car at LAX. I told her I was pregaming for our night at UCLA.

My PG was ruined after being stuck in traffic for an hour and a half on the evil 405.

Buzzkill… literally.

The aftermath

Love the bars at UCLA. The Glendon has switched from 30 something hipsters and over-priced drinks to flannel wearing undergrads and a tuesday drink special…i’ll take it.


Carms picked me up and we scoured the T-Joes for orange tulips because the “contessa” thought they were great for Thanksgiv.

The tulips

Hung out with the fam. Brace yourself for that next post. “We put the Kardashian family to shame. ” -Sarah Symes.


The week was fabulous. Went to every mall in the Los Angeles area. Visited my two fave sushi restaurants Sugar Fish and Izakaya.

Tried to take it easy since Giggles turns 22 on Dec. 3. Watch out Tucson.

I also have a cold… yet again.

Crowd fave



Kindness from Carms



Back again....