Remember the Tom Hank’s film “Castaway,” When he is stuck on that island in the middle of the ocean with only a volleyball to talk to?

The tree. 

That is what my life has become in the past two days.

My car, also known as snowcat, is still in the AZ leaving me stranded at my house. It has been raining and very burr outside so I can’t even walk around, not that I would but it could be an option out of desperation and boredom.


The volleyball that Tom Hanks confided in? That would be my cats. Socks and Boo who lounge around and attempt on a daily basis to flee my house for the outside world: my backyard.

Since traffic has been a mess because of the inclement weather, getting over here would be a struggle.

Oh did I mention that I got out of school a week early? Thank you Journalism.

Even though Christmas is not for a few weeks, I have been in holiday mode.

My work

As it was pouring rain all yesterday, I decorated the tree, and baked too many christmas cookies. All while listening to christmas music.

My dad who normally says my christmas cookie decorating looks like work of an autistic child said that I improved my skills this year. Awesome.

Fa la la la la, I’m still stranded.

Just for giggles: