The birthday 2-2

I’m 22?

I still feel like i’m 16. Well, not quite that awkward. But not 22.

I’ll never forget what the oh so wise Jessica Simpson said when she turned 23.

Chicken or fish?

“i’m 23. Which means I’m almost 25. Which means mid-20’s. Which means I’m almost 30.”

Totally, J simp.

I’m not too worried about aging since I still get carded for R-rated movies, and asked to show 3 forms when going to a bar…. but that might be for other reasons also known as my driver’s license…literally, woof.

Night 1 my signature pose (wilko dinner)

There’s also a little thing called plastic surgery.

enjoying the vino

But that might not work out for me since I refuse to get a flu shot due to my fear of needles.

Night 2 (the actual day of birth) composed...

It was a successful birthday weekend minus my impromptu sit down dinner at taco bell. Thank you to KIMMY KOENIG AND SARAH HALEY.


The next day I was a disaster, and that is all I will say.