Road trip… kind of.

Obviously the VT's did not allow me to stand up straight

Southwest and I do not mesh.

Why do we have to line up 20 minutes before when we already have numbers?

And why is everyone so edgy when you try to go to your place in line?

It makes me anxious to the say least, but the honey roasted nuts make up for it.

            Despite my flight experience, this weekend was a relaxing food fest with my roommates.

I drove to California, which was quite a change and also a great experience.

We woke up the next morning feeling refreshed.

Los Angeles is over populated and the foolish traffic almost made me miss my appointment across town.

            Some members of the sorority posse and I stopped by my favorite sushi restaurant, Izakaya, and indulged in crispy rice-spicy tuna.

Crowd fave

We said goodbye to Griggs who had an interview with the Dodgers.

She looked fab and very business profesh. We did a tour of LA and walked down Melrose. I was over the traffic so we stopped at my house for some lounging by the pool and refreshments.

tru luv
Magnolia baked mac & cheese

We went to dinner at Magnolia and had the Baked Mac and Cheese which Griggs has been talking about since December 2010… Since my birthday sophomore year.

            It was there that we saw Gill from “Bridesmaids” and I thought Sarah and Brooke were going to have to go to Cedars because they were in cardiac arrest..

you need to maybe think about putting a note on your door saying, "Do not come into my room, read my diary and wear my clothes."

            We hailed a cab down to SC and went to the 9-0 for some VT’s.

The next morning I was the definition of struggles.

We stopped at Larchmont for the famous sandwich and we all looked like we shacked with our make up still on, ponytails, and hard tails. Woof.

            After we attempted to go to Sprinkles and Diddy Reese we decided instead of searching for Los Angeles’s best deserts, we would go have a glass of wine at the beach.

Great day

We had a fabulous pre Valentines Day dinner and Later went to the Arclight 21+ showing of “The Vow.”

Pre-valentines dinner

21+ showing of the vow
my children: Socks & Boo

Meaning you get your drink, go sit, and watch the film.

By the time previews came around people were hollering. Griggs turns to me and says, “this is like a bar.” Chick flicks and wine.

So appropriate.

Happy Valentine’s day.