U of A lifestyle

This is an old giggle, but my current life here at the U of Ah.

This U of A Lifestyle is only going to last for so long…The rush to bursar, going to class occasionally, and frequent binge drinking are going to have to end in the next 5 months. Well maybe not the last one.  Eventually I will be sentenced to the 8 hour a day work life where the highlight of my week will be eating cup -a-noodles watching the Kardashian’s with a cat. So much to look forward to… The beginning of second semester is always much more refreshing for me. Besides the fact that I have a TWO HOUR class on Friday.


Lyfe at the U of Ah has been kind of amazing in the past week. My return to the desert was as rough as a tumbleweed. I got food poisoning from the evil sushi garden and was out for the count last week. Ah but nothing could hold me down for too long. I ventured to Frog and Firkin for a beer or two with members of the sorority posse and other revelers. Well, a couple beers turned into a couple pitchers, and a couple pitchers turned into a couple shots, which turned into a pretty massive bill. A $300.00 bill. This is my life.


            I nearly cried when I saw it, but lucking my mathmatician friend David Stamps figured it out and we left on our merry way to the Dubliner. Harry potter shots. Did I mention this was mid day? I’ve only had this lifestyle for a year and a half. Unlike other states that are lax on underage drinking Arizona might be the stalin of states.

            Let’s get real here. U of A is not the same as it was when I was a freshman. Has anyone been to Mexico for spring break?  That’s what it was like for the first semester of college. Then of course the crackdown happened… the chronicles.

Freshman year: Lyfe was new, and my life consisted of everything Coronado. I swear if they tried to tear it down, I would be like one of those hippies who chain themselves to trees. That would be me with nado.

Nado 4 lyfe

Sophomore year: Members of the sorority posse got houses. Yet we would hide like we were criminals when the police would knock on the door for fear of the red tag.

Hood house dayz

Junior year: lyfe was conflicted. Lots of fake ID’s. Lots of tears when they were either taken or just lost in a cab…. R.I.P fake ID #1.

My fake ID photo. My dad took it for me....So scary.

Senior year: for those that are not 21, I’m sorry. Like Aladdin and Jasmin said on the carpet it’s, “a whole new world.”

First time to Bags. "free at last."

            For those that are not 21, don’t worry. You’re time will come. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. when you can confidently walk into Dirtbags you’ll whisper to yourself, “free at last, free at last!”