Life after college?

I am in one of those nostalgic moods  again.

Perhaps its because I am trying to procrastinate from studying for my SOC test, but I decided to revisit the vintage facebook photos from 2009 hoping it would inspire me to work out for the pool party season…


Well, what I did see was my life in photos from 2008-now.

These are the glory years.

I hated U of A, and just the idea of college in high school.

I thought there was nothing better than my high school life.

Yes, I was that girl at the rallies
Yes, I was that girl at the rallies

Rallies and football games were the great moments during my time at Notre Dame.

 I was obviously misinformed.

My parents friends would always ask me “where do you want to go to school?” “Have you made a decision? Well, When I was in school…”

The first place I wanted to sight see in Tucson: Sonic
The first place I wanted to seein Tucson: Sonic. TFM

But really they just wanted to tell me about their years.

I pulled a Prince, and told my parents that I would not speak to any of their friends about college, because I was actually terrified to venture to the desert.

I’m hoping that I will be pleasantly surprised just like I was about going to college.

I thought it was going to be awful, and it was the opposite.

Hopefully that happens.

But only time will tell…



Hazah for high school