I do not attend Arizona State.

I wonder if i’m the only one that experiences this:

Every other person- “Where did you say you go to school?”


Every other person- “State?”

No, I do not go to Arizona State.

Thank god.

My first trip to ASU. I was not used to the Desert heat. I think in this picture I saw a mirage.
My first trip to ASU. I think I saw a mirage.

I took my own little Easter Break this week, except it was not much of a break at all.

I of course hung out with parentals, for much of the weekend.

Yesterday, I had to tell my dad that wearing board shorts in the middle of the day was unacceptable.

He went upstairs and changed into khaki’s and a blue polo that said “ND Cheer.”

The polo he obtained after I did cheer for one year… (JV)

On the side of the polo was a megaphone with my name on it.

So embarrassing.

On Friday, my dad picked me up and of course we were stuck in the usual 405 traffic.

Ah, but Tito’s tacos was screaming my name with its bright yellow sign from the freeway.

A detour was necessary.

The next day I went to serve my 8 hour sentence at the LA Improv for Traffic school.

Ay Ay Ay!

How I spent my saturday

I got a speeding ticket. Once a fuggin’ gain.

It wasn’t that bad.

Luckily the guy who puts it on is actually funny, gave us free tickets to the improv and decided to give us quite a long lunch break.

I decided to run a few errands and have lunch with Carms at this time.

Oh and did I mention the old man from “The Hangover” was there.

Where I went during my break at traffic school.

My wish list


His name is Murray, and yes, we are friends.

My friend Murray

Easter consisted of the usual:

Me not having anything to wear, The Jones family  running late to any/every event at the Symes home in Pasadena. And of course the typical holiday bicker between my parents.

My dreams to search for a graduation dress on Easter were demolished after my 1 week long sore throat and cold decided to kick in.


The last day I had a few commitments, then hit my fave spots.

 this week.

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.