Home and a new life

I’ve been home for two weeks and

still miss my college lifestyle.

Even though I am sad to accept that its gone,

I am starting to embrace my new life and all of the things to come.


1. My parents supply me with the booze:

I enjoy shopping with my mom at the supermarket. While she is picking out the bread, I am picking out the wine.

Guess which glass is mine...
Guess which glass is mine…

2. My internships:

(I still technically haven’t graduated yet)but my internships are very promising and I’ve actually never been more excited to start!

I don’t want to speak to soon but I feel like I might have been born to be in Public Relations…It could be my calling.

Crispy Rice Spicy tuna. One of my all time faces
Crispy Rice Spicy tuna. One of my all time faves
My new Armadillo Key chain. My mom didn't understand why I needed it.
My new Armadillo Key chain. My mom didn’t understand why I needed it.

3. Embrace the crazy:

As foolish as Los Angeles is, I love it. Sure it may not be “the real world” especially Bedford Drive aka the mecca for plastic surgery.  That street is like its own city. Because it is plastic surgery row, people feel no shame in walking around, eating, and shopping with their bandages and bruises.

Plastic Surgery Row
Plastic Surgery Row

4. Lilo and Lijo may be able to meet:

Yes, that is right. I happened to pick up a flyer on my door. It was from a location scout for the film “Liz and Dick.” I thought, ‘why does that sound so familiar?’ Oh its because its LILO’S FILM. Linds is my alter ego especially on my hangover days.

Can you imagine that blog post.

I can’t.