It doesn’t matter if i’m on a mother-daughter graduation trip,

my alter ego Elisabeth comes out in Cabo San Lucas.

There’s just something about that place that makes her reappear.

Perhaps, it’s because Mexico, might have been my homeland.

I’ve been going to Cabo with my family since I was 9-weeks-old.

My dad thought it would be a great idea if I was born there so I would be a citizen.

My mom on the other hand, well i’m glad I wasn’t there for that conversation.

Day 1:

At the airport Tim, spotted Woodsen, I forgot his first name from the Green Bay Packers, and then Chris Paul from the LA Clippers who ended up being on our flight.

As soon as we got to the hotel Margs were handed to us.

The 1st of 20.

Long story short:

I have some weird reaction to anything citrus.

I have decided to forget my allergies, and now have bright red puffy lips.

When in Rome…or Cabo.

For dinner we went Capella, and I had the best lobster of my life.

Day 2:

Relaxed by the pool, then wandered down to where our old condo was to go to the restaurant for lunch.

I literally craved the chicken tacos, and by the time I was done I felt like a Walrus.

Best. Tacos. Ever.
Best. Tacos. Ever.

Ventured to The Office, which is very touristy but a Cabo Staple.

Tim and I tried to turn our dinner with the parents into a pre game yet failed miserably, so we tried to make up for it while hitting the town.


By the time we got to the 4/7 bars, Tim was about to send me home.

I channeled Elisabeth and was back in action.

The point in the night where I needed to be sent home.
The point in the night where I needed to be sent home.

Day 3:

Tim and I had planned to go to Medano beach for Jet ski’s but because Tim was too “tired” we lounged by the pool.

In a dark place after a night on the town
In a dark place after a night on the town

Day 4:

Stopped by Mago Deck, to say hello to my old stomping grounds.

It was not like spring break in 2010, but the memories came rushing back after one

miami vice.

The rest of the trip I just relaxed and ate so many hamburgers, which believe it

or not are the best in Mexico.

Yo soy hamburguesa.

Hello Again CP, on our flight home
Hello Again CP