A night in Planet Hollywood

I did not think there could be anywhere worse than the TI, but then I went to Planet Hollywood.

Treasure Island looked like the Tahj Mahal compared to the disgusting Planet Hollywood.

Not only was the hotel unaccommodating and gross, but the staff were rude and disrespectful.

Irina and I decided to do a one-nighter in Veygaus since we had over $250 in gift cards from Top Shop,

thanks to our friend Sean Mayman.

We booked the hotel through an app, and could not wait to check in.

The cost of the room would be equivalent to a night at the Aria, Wynn, or Cosmo.

One day....
One day….

I had heard dece things about PH, and who could forget Pandora’s bachelorette was there instead of at the Palms!

We got to our room and  it was terrifying.

It looked like no one had cleaned it in weeks, and the bed didn’t even have a duvet cover!

The room was so ghetto, that when we tried to call the front desk the phone did not work.


There was an outline of a desk which had been removed against the wall which was scary.

After a scuffle with the evil man at the front desk, we were placed in another horrible room, but at least had a good view.

The whole convo would take too long to tell but here’s a snippet from the man at the front desk:

“If I were staying in Vegas, I wouldn’t stay here. I never come to Planet Hollywood except when there are parties or events.”

Passionate employees.

The only benefit to our awful room.

I carried a drink with me everywhere... It was necessary.
I carried a drink with me everywhere… It was necessary.

Best of all the room had a theme:


Titanic Room
Titanic Room
Nothing like Rose watching my every move in Vegas
Nothing like Rose’s judgmental eyes watching my every move in Vegas

The only happy place of this room is what we called the perch.


The Perch
Irina miserable on The Perch

One of the positive aspects of PH, is it led me to Earl of Sandwich.

No joke, the best tuna melt I have ever had.

We loved it so much we went there for breakfast.

The best.
The best.

Even though i’m bitching about the hotel, the trip was a GREAT success.