So much has happened since we landed in London Town.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Our hotel is fab, and we are in the best location with everything in walking distance.

After not sleeping on the plane, we landed and decided to walk around.

Our first stop was to find Diagon Alley.

If you don’t know what Diagon Alley is, then you are missing out on life because it is a place in the Harry Potter series.

According to Rick Steves, Diagon Alley is in Leichester square.

I approached numerous people asking them, “excuse me do you know where Diagon Alley is?”

Finally a man that worked at a tourist information booth said, “um, this is a fictional place. This does not exist.”

Dreams Shattered.

After such disappointment we needed to cure our pain with alcohol so we ventured to Rose Club.

I felt like I was in a Kanye West music video. Its fashion week here in London so you can only imagine the trendy crowd.

We were on our way home, we decided that we wanted to continue our ragefest.

We got dropped off in Covet Gardens hoping to drink beer and sing Wonderwall in a pub, but to our disappointment, we learned they close at 11 PM.


We heard music and decided to follow it.

We found an underground club that had the best vodka tonics I have ever had.

It was straight Jay-Z and it was amazing.

Night 1=Success.