The ride over

I am writing this is at 1:15 AM LA time, but 9 AM London time.

It’s official: I cannot sleep on planes.

Lauren and Cammie are both conked out, peacefully sleeping, while I am listening to

Adele, cursing my life and wondering why I did not pack my Ambien.

It doesn’t help that our seats are right next to the highly illuminated bathroom, while the rest of the plane remains in darkness.

Why am I bitter?

In just 3 hours I will be in London!

But unfortunately all of the royals are out of town.

Kate and Will are in Singapore, Harry is in the Middle East, and now I’m just going to have to settle for a lord or a duke.


I don’t need a royal title in Los Angeles apparently.

At security, the man looked at my passport and says,

“Well hello Princess Elisabeth.”

Boom Baby.