The end of the world

I hate everything. Sorry if there are typos but I am typing on my iPad because I do not have converter for my computer.the apocalypse has occurred. No, I did not lose my passport myiphone has been stolen in front of my very eyes. No I did not have my purse open or was distracted on the metro. Instead I was enjoying my escargot at dinner with my iPhone on the table. The restaurant was located right next to the Eiffel tower and I was on a high because I had just been laying in the park eating a baguette and Chardonnay thinking how great my life was. These three children approached them table and put out a white sheet of paper that looked like a passport document . We said no and felt bad for them. Lauren looks at everyone and asked if everyone had everything. Then I realized at that moment my iPhone had been stolen. I ran down the street asking locals in my horrible french if they had seen the children. “ou est les enfants? Trois enfants!” I talked to the police and like in america. My phone is gone. I went back to the table because I had hoped I had left it in my bag, but no. At that point Cammie and I were sprinting around trying to find these demons but we did not. All those photos. Gone. If someone jumps from The arc di triomphe tomorrow, you’ll know it’s me.