Paris Day UNE

by lcjonesla

Paris is so wonderful because our days revolved around eating and drinking.

We arrived at Villa Bellagio knowing that it was not going to be the Ritz.

The lobby was in a bar occupied by a very unfriendly female staff.

We realized that there was no “lift” and instead a winding staircase to take us to our shoe box of a room. We placed our enormous suitcases in the room (mine is currently taking over half the train I’m on) and roamed Paris.

Stop 1:

 Les Anemones. this is where I had escargot for the first time back in the day. We wined and dined looking at all of the Parisians and decided to go to a Parisian bar called Andy Wahloo.

I had this every day. J'adore Escargot!

I had this every day. J’adore Escargot!

Our first dinner in Paris at Les Anemones

Our first dinner in Paris at Les Anemones

My friends and also myself were confused by my behavior. I actually morphed into a different human….

Elisabeth or Lesza.



 Perhaps its because all three of us were finishing a fifth every single night.

We went out with the plan to come home not as late as we did every night in London, however we ended the night around 4 am after finding one of the only bars open in Paris past 2 am. Whoops.