Paris Day Deux

I woke up so hungover and attempted to cure my illness with a crepe.

But not just any crepe: a nutella, banana, and almond crepe.

Oh my god it was pure heaven.

We visited Saint Chapelle (literally breathtaking), Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower.

Saint Chapelle
Saint Chapelle
Notre Dame
Notre Dame

I had such good photos, some very worthy of a prof pic, but alas the apocalypse happened.

We decided to continue our evening with a baguette, brie, wine, macaroons, and prosciutto to watch the Eiffel tower light up.

It was magical.

I was in heaven.

The calm before the storm
The calm before the storm

 Laying in the grass, drinking chardonnay, listening to people speak French.

Oh my god it was perfect, too perfect.

After it got a little burr, we went to stupid Champs De Mars Brasserie.


Three evil children approached us and put out a paper to distract us.

My iphone.



I sprinted down the streets searching for the three demons but no.

Cammie tried to help and sprinted down the street looking for them.

I went to the police and they confirmed what I already knew.

Lost, gone, never to be seen again.

Thanks to giggles not all my memories are lost.

I uploaded all my photos from London, but my Parisian day is lost.

Why cry when I am in Paris?

I put on my sock bun, drank a fifth and waltzed out of Villa Bellagio like I was Marie Antoinette.

We went to two very swanky clubs: Silencio and Social club.

The problem was, we were arriving to these clubs at like 2 AM every night.

Why you ask? I really don’t know.