We were exhausted when we first got to our hotel/hostel in Milan.

We took the small elevator up to our room and after getting situated, decided to go to the lobby to get the wifi.

We pushed -1.

We noticed that the elevator was descending very quickly.

Cammie and I both fear elevators.

I got stuck in one at the Beverly Center, and ironically Cammie got stuck in one in Rome.

The elevator stopped, bounced, and the doors opened to a cement wall.

We immediately freaked out and pressed all the buttons to get out of there.

It was traumatizing.

Cammie said that if we were alone, one of us would be on the fetal position on the floor.

So now we walk up the 5 flights of stairs to get to our hotel room.

I guess its a good thing, because I need to work off all these carbs I am consuming here in Milano.