I met my idol the other day.

No, it wasn’t Britney, but Candace Nelson the owner and creator of Sprinkles.

Just for Giggles, I went to check out the new Sprinks at the Grove on Black Friday.

I waited in line, and saw Candace and was immediately starstruck.

Not wanting to look like a freak in front of the other 1,000 people waiting in line, I didn’t say anything.

After a couple texts to my friends, I was satisfied with my sighting.

We waited in line for our car, and Candace appeared again.

This was my opportunity to tell her that I live for Sprinkles, not just the cupcakes but the brand itself.

I went up to her after asking for a photo and said, “I go to Sprinkles all the time, even when i’m bored I drive over to Santa Monica and go.”

Word vomit.

Long story short, Carms interjected and told her that I go to all the cupcake competitors and that none compare to Sprinks and that i’m interested in PR.

Magnolia doesn't even compare to Sprinks.Made such a mistake purchasing these!!
Magnolia doesn’t even compare to Sprinks.
Made such a mistake purchasing these!!

She then told me to send my resume to the PR dept. of Sprinkles.

I die.

So trollish, but shows my happiness
So trollish, but shows my happiness