El Niño Easter

Easter couldn’t have come any quicker.

After watching a devastating defeat to Ohio State on Thursday, I was happy there was a day dedicated to pastels and Cadbury eggs approaching.


I know, I know, Easter is about Jesus.

But it doesn’t hurt to be gnawing on one of those hollow chocolate bunnies at the end of the day.


My family gatherings either need to be depicted in a sitcom, or captured on a reality show.

Because let me tell you, it is always interesting.

Easter flowers from my dad
Easter flowers from my dad

The highlights:

1. Betty*, the woman who claims she is a distant relative but isn’t, made an appearance sporting two black eyes. First question mark of the day.

2. My grandpa showed up to brunch in jeans, therefore making my mom think that he is, “losing it,” because her mother, “would have shot him if he tried to pull something like that when she was alive.”

3. My Aunt Meg created a beautiful outside dining area for Easter brunch, when all of a sudden it started pouring rain. My second cousin Elizabeth screamed, “Dallas lied and needs to be fired,” referring to our Los Angeles weather man, Dallas Raines.

Easter attire
Easter attire

Though El Nino came out of nowhere, Easter was relatively relaxed.

Maybe it was because I only had one mimosa.