Night at the Museum

I have been desperately searching for a relaxed bar where I can either wear my hair in a bun, or throw on my uncomfortable yet chic Zara sandals.

I have found my place.

Ray and Stark’s bar located in the LACMA museum is so fabulous on so many different levels.

Skip the restaurant that looks like a glass cube, and sit on the outside patio staring at the new Resnick building.

Ray and Stark's Bar #JuneGloom

The drinks are A+.

The one that  everyone is sipping on is the Ginger Rogers which is basically a Moscow Mule/ Mojitio.

So yummy on a balmy, or these days June Gloom evening in Los Angeles.

The food is dece, and waitresses are sassy but not rude.

After passing the street light exhibit nearly everyday while driving, seeing it up close at night was enjoyable.


But the real highlight of my evening was chatting with a security guard who monitors the giant 340-ton boulder.

The rock
The rock

I won’t write much about our conversation but here are a few snippits-

“I had a really awkward transition from high school to adulthood.”

“You could pass for Chelsea Handler’s sister.” The guard worked for her and “got fired because I asked for a million dollars for my earth worm farm.”

Totally normal.

The rare lasagna from Osteria Mamma I had on friday evening.
The rare lasagna from Osteria Mamma I had on friday evening.

There were so many more comments and I am so thankful that I had my brother there to witness them.

Ray and Stark’s also has live Jazz on Friday nights.

You’ll know where to find me this weekend.