Lindsay and Stolen Identity

Like my girl Linds, I had to go to court on Wednesday morning.

I was definitely not there because I committed the same offense as her, but I got a ticket for texting and driving.


Normally, the Po are relentless when it comes to giving me tickets. (I get all of them from speeding).

This cop, for some reason took pity on me.

Soul Sisters
Soul Sisters

For the record, I was not texting and driving.

Father's Day
Father’s Day

I was merely skimming through Insta while being stuck in gridlock traffic on Beverly Blvd. on a Friday evening.

Anyways, he was a kind soul and let me off somehow and I only had to pay $25.00 at court.


That same week, mine and my best friend Irina’s credit card numbers were stolen at one of my favorite places to get Acai Bowls and traced to a 7-11 in Oregon.

Luckily mine was only $47.00, but Reeny did not have the same luck.

Needless to say if I ever go back to Nekter, I will be paying in ca$h.

The scene of the crime- Nekter Juice Bar
The scene of the crime- Nekter Juice Bar