The Starbucks that I go to is cursed.

I left my usual Starbs on Larchmont, because they fired my favorite barista.

I have relocated to the one on Highland and Wilshire, due to its convenience for my daily commute.

I recently took a survey, that took quite some time so I could share my love for this Starbs location.

Ever since the survey, everything has gone down hill.

Last friday, as I was getting into my car, a man approached my window.

“I just wanted to let you know, a Mazda just hit your car.”


I just got my new car, which I refer to as the Black Mamba… How could this happen!


Of course he did not get a photo or the license plate, so every morning before work, I am walking around this parking lot trying to find scratch marks on a Mazda.

What is my life?

Before I walked in this morning, I see a Mazda.

I go to survey the scene when a homeless man approaches me.

“You’re beautiful.”

I said thank you and thought, “i’ll take the compliment this friday morning.”

As I waited in line, I see a woman wearing the exact same outfit as me.

That’s cute, even though she was holding her child, and i’m 23….

All of a sudden the homeless man comes out of nowhere, and asks me what my name is.

I told him Mary and shook his hand.

Funny thing was, that when I got my iced coffee, they said Lisa.




The benefit to having a half day!