I’ve realized that all my favorite things start with the letter S.

Starbucks, Spray tans, Sushi, Salmon, Saturdays, Swedish fish.

When I don’t have access to these things, I have some other items that are necessary to better my work week-


IMG_5233I enjoy the lunch hour thanks to my Tory Burch for Target lunch box.


IMG_5232Since there is no Starbucks at the bottom of our building, I have stocked my mini fridge with these nuggets. My addiction has become similar to when I was in high school and would have three in two hours along with some juicy fruit and a hot pocket.


IMG_5247Soul Cycle has become my religion.

I am now “one of those people” thanks to my Virgil Melissa turner.

Even though I dread the bumper to bumper traffic on the 90 degree hill on La Cienega Blvd. after work, I love going.

Wednesday, my two favorite teachers did a group ride to all Ellie Goulding songs.

It was an experience to say the least. If you have not attended a class, I highly recommend you do!

Rave on a bike


When i’m not chugging my diet coke at my desk, i’m most likely drinking chardonnay at my home or at a happy hour somewhere in the Miracle Mile area.

Fully stocked at all times


My second favorite drink of all time, Moscow Mules.

These are my necessities, without them I would be like this all the time


Happy Thursday and almost holiday weekend!