Thank God for Burbank airport.

Because of the shooting at LAX, my terminal was closed and my flight cancelled for my flight to SF.

photo 1
I had the honey roasted nuts, therefore the flight had meaning.

Luckily, I was able to get a seat (middle seat) on my not so favorite airline Southwest, pop vitamin C, and sip chardonnay for the 35 minutes it took to get up to Oakland.

photo 1

We ventured to Don Pisto’s for margs and some bomb chicken, then mosied to Stock and Trade.

I went home at two AM, got up at eight AM to catch the U of A party bus.

We pretended like we were freshmen again.

photo 2
My SF schmeegle

Even though two years has gone by, it feels like no time has past. When I saw everyone it was such a casual hello.

It was as if we had just been at Dirtbag’s taking rubber ducky shots last Thursday night.

I feel so thankful to have such a strong Alum posse and I am that much more excited to be visiting Tucson next weekend.

photo 2

The alum poss got kicked out of FIJI because it was “Dad’s Day” so everyone migrated to Sigma Chi to recreate a similar scene from the glory days of  2011-USC vs. U of A.

photo 4
Thriving. Yes, that is foam…

I ate too many hot dogs and was in a really dark place for a little bit, but then the Wildcat gods/ John Button Salmon  cured me and I was able to continue on with the day.

Bear Down.


I ended up at Delarosa with Brooke for some pizza and vino… I won’t continue out of respect for myself and Brooke, but it was seriously such a random and fun night.

photo 1

SF you have seriously delivered.

photo 3
The man next to me offered cookies out of sympathy and fear due to my appearance and continuous wine drinking.

Special thanks to Olivia, Brooke, and Jessica for having me at their humble abode-Sorry I broke your curtains.

Also, a big thank you to Ross and Ryan Shanken for being the best planners of all time.

Thank you to Kimmy Ramser.

And last but not least, thank you to Sigma Chi for providing a fratty experience- even though I can still smell the Andre in my hair.

photo 2