Desert Bunnies


Whoops was the theme of Homecoming 2013.

photo 1Whoops, I took too many shots; Whoops, I ate french fries for every single meal; And whoops, ____ fill in the blank for your own personal mistake this weekend.

First stop after the shuttle... I wish the hot dog cart was there. Rats.
First stop after the shuttle. I wish the hot dog cart was there… Rats.

I would have to say Homecoming 2013 was much more emotional and tear-filled than 2012.

Perhaps it’s because all of us were in denial thinking we were on an extended summer vacation in November of 2012.

photo 2
My biggest fans

But alas, we have all settled into our post-grad lives and have come to the realization that our days of carelessness and pure bliss in Tucson are forever gone into a distant desert memory.

Gun emoji/tear.


I shed a few tears listening to Jason Derulo while driving down the row.

Pathetic, yet completely understandable.

My new friend.
My new friend.

Like I said in my SF post, seeing everyone/ being in Tucson felt like no time had passed.

Despite the large modern skyscraper apartments on Speedway (which I would have definitely leased one of those four years) everything seems to have remained the same.

My horoscope was right- $0.00
My horoscope was right- $0.00 by the end of the weekend.

EXCEPT, the new Bag’s bouncers who seemed to let every single person in with a $50.00 bill.
This led to extreme discomfort Friday night since I was unable to order drinks at both bars because Bags was completely over capacity.

I would have much preferred to have waited in line for an hour, than elbow check fellow friends and undergrads to order a rubber ducky.

Our courtyard that was not put to use for a pre-game. Sadness.
Our courtyard that was not put to use for a pre-game. Sadness.

But WTFE, it was still such a bomb weekend.

We stayed at my oasis-The Arizona Inn and ordered way too much room service.

photo 2

Mimosa’s anyone?

I once again assumed my role as a freshman, when we took the shuttle from Phoenix to Tucson.

photo 2

 Did I mention I got  blackballed from the back bar?

I was with two undergrads when we saw our friend who worked there. The back bar bartender was furious we were “screaming.”

Honestly dude, there are so many worse things I could have done at the back bar.

photo 1

We mosied to Gentle Ben’s, got some VT’s at Dubliner, then visited the “ILC” for some college shenanigans.

photo 3

When we finally got to Bag’s Saturday afternoon, it was literally like the Hunger Games.

French Fries and Chicken tenders were flying across the table.

photo 4

I tried to order a VT at the back bar and was once again ignored.

Despite the back bar business, Tucson was beautiful and perfect.

I had such a fabulous time and can’t wait to visit for FBR.

Special thanks to Sarah Haley for driving me to the Phoenix Airport.