I was so over being  23-years-old and could not wait for my 24th birthday.

I think I disliked 23 for many reasons; It did not have the same ring as  “22” and it’s also an odd number.

photo 4I prefer even numbers as they are divisible by the number two which is my favorite/lucky number.

I wanted to have a very casual birthday and began my festivities at The Hudson for bottomless mimosas on Sunday.

photo 1Tuesday, (my actual day of birth) started wonderfully since my fabulous co-workers surprised me with lots of goodies.

photo 2I was very busy on Tuesday, and did not have time to check the numerous Facebook notifications as well as texts. (They were much appreciated!)

photo 5
a Real Housewives of Atlanta themed card from my friend John

Snowmen cupcakes taken from my ‘Holiday Cheer’ pinterest board and made by my co-worker Meg.

At one point in the morning I saw my mom had text me saying, “Emily Schuman wished you a happy birthday on Instagram?”

photo 3WHAT?!

photo 1My fabulous co-worker/cubemate/friend Meg had set this up and she still will not tell me how it came about.

When I came home, my aunt kept telling me how she could not wait for me to open my gift.

photo 4My aunt must have gotten confused by my love for llamas, as a love for camels.

Her gift to me was a certificate of adoption for a camel.

photo 2It was too funny.

I had so much chardonnay I have been SOS all day.

Here’s to not being 23 anymore!