Cheers on Chestnut

SF was calling me, so I decided to rendezvous up there for the weekend.

The trip was off to a great start, since I was able to fly on my favorite airline- Virgin America.

Living in ignorant bliss, not knowing in a few minutes, I was to be denied from the bar...

Once again, I received questionable looks about my beverage selection from the person sitting next to me.

It’s not my fault Virgin serves a glass of chardonnay in a mini wine bottle.

SantaCon started with one of the my friends, Dana Tedeschi, taking a

Jell-O shot in the shower.

photo 1-2

This set the tone for the day.

If someone were to look into the backyard of the Chestnut Acorn apartment, they would think a fraternity was leasing it out. From the Christmas themed Jell-O shots, to the keg stands, SF was ready for SantaCon.

photo 2-2

Or at least my friends were.

We walked to Polk, which I guess was the unofficial place for all the Santas to stroll and bar crawl. It was nuts, and so were the lines.

photo 1-1

After waiting way too long for a not that great bar, I got ready to go in, when I realized my ID was still at the Chestnut Acorn frat.

This is my life.

I showed my American Express hoping the bouncer would  take pity on me or at least realize I was an adult, but alas, I was not granted entry… Rats.

After I retrieved the ID, we ventured from the Marina down to North Beach, stopped in Kells for what looked like a Loyola High School dance (this is a good thing) and had a beer.

photo 4

Then we mosied to Delarosa for my favorite dinner of all time- The brussel sprouts, and the prosciutto pizza. Did I mention I had an extremely caloric moscow mule?


The next morning, everyone looked as if they had been run over by a trolley.

The struggle is real
The struggle is real

We somehow made it to Blackwood for some well deserved bloody mary’s and eggs benedict.

Both were necessary…

photo 2-1

We stopped at Susie Cakes for a little snack and then shuffled to SFO.

Special thanks to the Chestnut Acorn Frat-Dana, Kelsey, Lizzy, and Michelle. And also to the one and only, Brooke Dowling.

Suffering at SFO
Suffering at SFO

Many thanks to the above people for making my trip to the bay worthwhile…

My view on my flight home
The view on my flight home