Yesterday was a marathon.

I was in HP, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, and Downtown all in one day.

photo 2-1

Caturday began at Brick and Mortar for my friend Trent’s birthday, and obviously bottomless mimosas were being sipped, rather gulped to enjoy the full two hours that are given with the $15.00 price tag.

photo 4

Shuffled to Finn McCool’s for a quick beer, and then landed in Venice at Hotel Erwin since The Bungalow was closed.

So rude.

Had one too many Lifeguard Lemonade’s and made the decision, more like the vodka made the decision to get a henna tattoo on the Venice Boardwalk.

Mistakes #caturday

TBT to 2000 when I would get the Britney Spears butterfly on my lower back.

I then received a call from my cousin Sarah asking if I wanted to venture downtown to the Miley concert.


Of course I hopped in an Uber to go embrace my inner Miley.

My cousin Sarah and I pre-Miley
My cousin Sarah and I pre-Miley

“I didn’t realize you would be so beachy,” said my cousin when she saw my ensemble. It was this and a few Coors Lights later that this happened.

During Miley
During Miley

When “Wrecking Ball” came on, I thought I was going to start speaking in tongues because of the amazingness that occurred.

photo 2

I had so much popcorn and so much fun watching Miley that I almost forgot about the foam finger.