Coachella 2014

After last year, I thought I would never go back.

I thought once was enough…

Perhaps it was my longing for the desert, the lineup, or the idea of drinking beer and eating pizza for every meal that lured me back to Coachella.


With a fully packed car and a pizza box in the backseat we began our road trip down to Palm Desert.

Luckily, we had somewhere to go because two weeks before the festival we found ourselves without a house.


By chance, we snagged a vacation rental titled “Charming Celebrity Home and Family Retreat.”

photo 3

When we entered through the front door, we acted like those people on the Real World when they first walk into the house. It was perfection.

Day 1:

All was well on day one- just boppin’ through the grounds eating pizza, drinking beer, and  listening to music.

photo 2
Taking advantage of the Charming Celebrity Home and Family Retreat

I enjoyed Girl Talk, Ellie Goulding, Haim, and Grouplove.

photo 4

Day 2:

There was an omen that saturday was going to be chaotic/apocalyptic.

Instagram shut down leaving every hipster, lifestyle blogger, and every other person in the Coachella Valley in a frantic confusion.

I was feeling rejuvenated from day one and had such hopes for day two.

That is until the sandstorm.

WTF. Was I the only one who didn’t bring a bandana?

Before the sandstorm
Before the dustpocalypse

Of course, the one time in my life I wear a crop top it’s windy and 50 degrees. I walked miles to the “Merch” tent and  found out that all the sweatshirts or any type of long sleeve was sold out.



I was glad I wasn’t the only one feeling the effects of Dustchella: Poor Pharrell kept apologizing throughout his set for his scratchy voice due to the sandstorm and wind but eased the crowds concern with Gwen Stefani.


photo 1-1

By the end of the night I was curled up in the fetal position in my crop top at the shuttle station cursing the Coachella gods for putting me through such misery.

Day 3:

photo 1

After scrubbing off all the sand and dirt off from the night before, I decided to start with a clean slate and be positive yet prepared with a jacket in hand in case the wind started up.

I can say all my Coachella dreams came true at Calvin Harris.

It was perfect. I left Coachella happier than ever and even though I say i’ll never do it again, you might find me in a Biergarten eating a hot dog in 2015.

photo 5


photo 2
Necessary for my Coachella Coma