Who would have thought that the time I go to Vegas with my parents would go down in history as one of the best trips I’ve ever had in that desert of sin.

My cousin was getting married, so the whole Carmack/Jones/O’Neil/Symes clan gathered at the Wynn for some “wholesome” fun.

The Cousins
The Cousins

As we waited in the lobby, my grandpa informed us that he had never stayed in Vegas before, but had stayed in a trailer park 20 minutes outside of the city.

Wait, what?

The ceremony was gorgeous and extremely intimate, especially when right before the bride walked down the aisle, my grandpa decided he needed to capture the moment and halt the ceremony so he could get the best possible shot of her walking to her groom.

This was not taken by my grandpa
This was not taken by my grandpa

 After a much needed inhale of filet mignon and quite a few vodka sodas, we enjoyed the reception, then headed to the casino to gamble. Which apparently my underage cousin has a real gift with considering he won $700.00.


He won big but lost his ID. My cousin Katie and I tried to retrieve/bribe the bouncer to which we were told we would be escorted off the premises.

Katie cashing in
Katie cashing in


Day two started with a slow start, after my family AKA the entire groom’s side arrived 30 minutes late to a sit down brunch. Yikes. After being revived with some waffles and mimosas we gambled.

I realized I needed some fresh air, and hopped into a cab to Wet Republic.

Some new friends #elnino
Some new friends #elnino


Sweet mother of pearl it was amazing.

Special thanks to my grandbebe Kim Isley for setting us up for too many vodka Red Bulls, and a whole lot of madness.


Did I mention, Calvin Harris was there?

TBT to five days ago at Coachella.


Bopped back to our hotel, showered in record time, then cabbed to New York, New York.

You have not lived in Vegas until you have gone to Piano Bar.


I’ll end the night with that comment out of respect for myself, and my family.

The next day was a disaster.

It was also Easter.


I spent my Easter  in the back of my parent’s car, scarfing down Earl of a Sandwich while this is what happened to my cousin….

My uncle was driving…


Happy Easter and Congratulations Jimmie and Carla!