A Memorable Memorial Day

I visited every bar in the city of Santa Monica.

Gaslite, Q’s, Brick and Mortar, Cabo Cantina, Bungalow, and The Victorian.

photo 2

And now I am paying for it.


#peasant #hungergames

Sweet mother of pearl it was a marathon.

As soon as I left work, I ventured to Cabo Cantina which led me to Gaslite. All good things happen at the Gaslite, except when my friend TRENT PETERS spilled a drink all over my pants and my rendition of “You’re So Vain” received crickets.

Not cool.
Not cool…
The culprit trying to conceal  himself
The culprit trying to conceal himself

 May madness continued as I celebrated two more birthday Fiesta’s back to back on Saturday and Sunday.

photo 4.PNG
Birthday 6- Katie Lubanko 5/22

Sunday in a nutshell

photo 3-1
Birthday 7- Blake Olson 5/25

The  Bungalow was madness.

That is all I will say.

I ended my long weekend with Marg number 30 and sat on the sand silently reflecting my actions from this wonderful weekend.

Happy Memorial Day.

Thank god there isn’t another holiday until July.

photo 5-1