Sizzle & Scorch

Am I back in college?

Not quite, but my recent move to B-wood has made the distant memories of college lyfe reappear.

I enjoy my views at 7:45
My view at 7:45p

I’ve had pizza every night for dinner, I run into a thousand people when I’m boppin’ around Barrington, and it’s been a dry desert heat inferno.

I’ve made major strides since my days in the desert to my adult lyfe in Brentwood.


Vodka bottles have been replaced with wine bottles and I would say I’ve become a tad bit more responsible.

photo 2

Perhaps not, as I nearly set my hair and apartment ablaze when I refused to let go of my jenky curling iron I’ve had since basically 99’.

It was falling apart (literally pieces were missing) but I refused to throw it away.

My best friend advised I should put it down after I placed it on my tabletop and a little baby spark came out.

R+D Kitchen
R+D Kitchen

All of a sudden, I hear this loud crack and a flame comes out as I’m curling my hair causing Irina to nearly have a stroke on my bathroom floor.

I then blew a fuse in half of my apartment.


Besides nearly burning my hair off, I celebrated a few more May birthdays this week and have many more this month.


Feliz Cumpleanos,


Not waiting until the song was over to eat his birthday cake…typical.
Birthday 4- My Dad 5/14. Not waiting until the song was over to eat his birthday cake-typical…