Where does my paycheck go?

To Whole Foods and Margaritas.

photo 5

It’s amazing how my bank account is able to make me feel like I could make it rain in da club, to peasant status in the span of a weekend.

When i’m feeling ultra peasant (serf) I normally jump on the 10 back to my old roommates Cathy and John.

photo 3

This was one of those weekends when it was acceptable (Father’s Day) to take full advantage of the amenities at Chateau du Rossmore as well as spend quality time with the parents.

photo 1
The weekend was filled with overeating/drinking and a great victory by the Spurs.

photo 4

This relaxing weekend was essential, considering the madness that will take place in the greater Los Angeles area in the next few days.

You can take the girls out of Tucson, but you can’t take the Tucson out of the girls.


They’re coming…