Swan Life

My quest to the Hamptons started and ended in turbulence.

The plane ride felt like I was in a washing machine.

As soon as I got into the city though, the aroma of hot dogs mixed with humidity reminded me of why I love that congested town so much.

Night one in NYC was pretty tame- I went to Drybar with suitcase in tow, had a few glasses of wine, ran into #seankelly, and ate a piece of pizza.

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Before the Hamps, we made a stop at Laduree grabbed some macaroons and were off on our adventure.

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I could not tell you what the beach, town, or restaurants looked like because we did not leave our beautiful home on 14 Powers Drive.



It was madness.

What happens in the Hamptons, stays in the Hamptons…

Arthur can't stop us.
Hurricane Arthur can’t stop us.

OR it goes on the stream which was introduced to our group of 10 by Allie Gradinger.

If the stream was made public we would all be in trouble.

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Perhaps, we already are…

The last day of #swanlife, the non-New Yorkers were sitting in the train station, borderline despair, when 4 new items were uploaded to the stream.


photo 4

The people who stayed back at the house discovered the owners had cameras that had recorded our whole weekend.

The Real World: South Hampton
The Real World: South Hampton


The videos on the stream alleviated our stress of missing our train in South Hampton.

"I literally can't."
“I literally can’t.”

The doors opened on our 2:30 train and there was literally no where to sit.

The floor wasn’t even an option.

For two and a half hours, we sat on our suitcases watching as our phones died one by one and each of us realizing the sad reality that we were all going to miss our flights.

We were never getting home
We out here

There was no way we could all make our 5:30 boarding times.

We got off the train in Jamaica, NY and everyone fled to their airports.

Except for me, who could not find a cab.

Was this happening?

Finally flagged down a cab, and headed to JFK. My phone had died on the train and my only communication was my iPad.

I looked like a fool face timing and texting on it.

photo 5

I pulled up to JFK swiped my card, and started to grab all my things which were in shambles.

The screen remained the same- his machine was broken.

He told me I had to go into JFK and “buy a sandwich” so I could bring back cash to pay for my $17.96 cab ride.

That’s when I lost it.

It was 5:05pm and I was getting yelled at by my cab driver thinking that because of him I was going to miss my flight.

Then an angel appeared.

The airport patrol guys who usually yell at everyone became my saving grace.

“What’s going on here?” I told him the situation with tears in my eyes and he was so furious with the cab driver that at that moment I didn’t feel bad.

I gave the cab driver the crumpled up $9.00 I had in cash, ran through security and boarded my


photo 2-1

It wouldn’t have been the apocalypse if I missed my flight since Shake Shack is in the Delta terminal.

Due to my appearance, I was wearing my sunglasses on the plane because I legitimately looked like an opossum/road kill.

I hand the Delta employee my boarding pass when he looks at me and says, “America’s next super model.”

This would have set me over the edge if I hadn’t had the cab situation happen.

It's, it's not me.

#mrsiglesias #itsnotme

The only cure
The only cure