SLS Los Angeles

Vegas as a 24-year-old working adult is very different than Vegas as a 21-year-old college student.
I received an email at work from Gilt Groupe for the new SLS hotel, and must have blacked out because I purchased the overpriced “deal.”

I dragged a few friends into the black Mamba, got lost in Palmdale (the song was playing in the background… Obvi) and eventually made it to that gem of city in Nevada.
The SLS is a mini Los Angeles.
If you want to experience everything LA, the food, the people, the attitude and have the least Vega$y experience, then I suggest you stay there.

800 Degrees. SO LA…

Part of the fun of visiting Vegas is the cheesiness and odd people you pass by in the casino. There’s none of that at the SLS.
The bouncer almost had a stroke when I came to the lobby wearing my llama pajamas and “OMG” shirt to retrieve my friend Melissa who flew on Southwest.

So not chic.
But yolo we’re in Vega$, I mean Los Angeles right?
We hit up Light, woke up to Bloody’s at our restaurant tradition Mon Ami Gabi, and impulsively purchased tickets to see my idol, Britney Spears perform.
Can somebody save her!?

Out of respect for my living legend, I will not divulge details of her show.
It saddens me too much.

Bopped to XS for a mosh pit, then to Life in our hotel.
All I can say is at least I didn’t stay at the Planet Hollywood.