Pop and Fizzle

You know that feeling, when you wake up on New Year’s day, expecting to somehow have experienced a rebirth, yet still feel the silent sting of champagne?

Polo prep

That is how i’ve felt for the past three days.

Sweet mother of pearl.

I cannot get out of my champagne coma thanks to VC Polo Classic, or as I call it

the Peasant Classic.

Peasant chic

Aw hell.

While it was a great event, I was more concerned with seeking shade and hydration.

The need to quench my thirst made me see the a mirage of a tent which I somehow then hallucinated to buying a towel and a bottle of champagne.



Thank god it’s not the first of the month…


My judgement impaired, I sat to watch the Polo match…



I was still in a champagne coma on  sunday when I was dragged to Kygo, left, and went to Roscoe’s.

Then this happened.


If you’re wondering what was in that small empty bowl, it was macaroni and cheese.

#yolo #polo