Live Más

My pseudo birthday weekend started off wonderful.


Pseudo, because my real birthday is December 3rd.

Despite driving across the state to pick up my friend Sean from Burbank airport, the weekend began at Spago where I nearly inhaled the salmon pizza that I haven’t had since legit ’09.



I woke up on Saturday feeling refreshed and ready to Live Mas, when once again, I was scorned by the Brentwood parking gods.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.16.54 PM
The schedule


I tried to invoke sympathy on this parking devil saying it was “my birthday” and flailed my arms as I ran out of Starbucks attempting to stop him.

He obviously did not believe me/ must have known it was my pseudo birthday.

His response:

“First of all, happy birthday (so sarcastic). Second, i’ve already processed the ticket.”

My sadness was gone once I got to watch the interaction with Sean, a first time nail salon customer, interact with the employees.

You can see he took full advantage of their services.


I was desperate for the “Cheers Bitches” sign and knew I would be able to find it at this magical balloon store on Montana. Ave.



“We just sold the last one to a 13-year-old girl for her Bat Mitzvah.”

Totally appropriate…


It was a great night and I definitely lived Mas.



As in, I literally went to Taco Bell at 2am.


Special thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated my increasing age…

My chef

Special thanks to my roommate OP and my mom Carms for running around LA to prepare. Also, thank you to my friends for helping me warm all of the Trader Joe’s food when I was frazzled.



I may be getting old, but at least there’s chardonnay and llamas in this world.