Holiday Consequences

Numerous people at my office have asked why I have been a black swan lately.

Birthday Peonies 1
Birthday Peonies 1

“You’ve worn black two days in a row. Are you in mourning?”

Yes. I am mourning my summer body.

The amount of food i’ve consumed over the past two weeks could feed a baby killer whale.


I can only blame my eating habits on the beautiful burr weather and the holiday season.

Birthday Peonies 2
Birthday Peonies 2

Between Thanksgiving aka the ultimate food fiesta, and my birthday aka the day I think eating a cheeseburger and a bowl of pasta is totally acceptable, I am still full and will be until 2015.




My favorite pasta at my new favorite restaurant Pecorino

I’ve also lived Mas twice in the past 24 hours…

It was necessary with the celebration of the holiday party.



I will be in the Chi next week and will be in the ULTIMATE burr climate so I’ll probably need to do two-a-days at Soul Cycle before I leave for Cabo in January.

My future home
My future home