CrossFit Cult

Since I have been eating way too much of the below, I decided to try out a new fitness class with my work.

Pappardelle pasta from Milo & Olive- life altering and becoming a bad Sunday habit.

I am still so confused by what occurred this evening.

There was the throwing of dumb bells, too many squats, and to really set me over the edge, we ran up and down the side of a street five times.


What was truly bizarre is that after the class, everyone wanted to hangout and chat.

Chat? I nearly died on the side of Pico Blvd.!

I guess this scared me into rethinking that second piece of birthday cake…

Crepe cake from Lady M on 3rd St.

This is the month, where a sleepy Saturday or Sunday does not exist. Every person I know including my parents was born in May.


Round 1- Chris Hov, and Carms.

Stay tuned,