Birthday Curse

It’s dreadful enough to turn 25, but a series of unfortunate events occurred for my friend Lauren Kohli.

Friday, May 8th – Day of birth

I receive a call at 7am.

I wasn’t planning on returning the call until I had at least 1 cup of coffee. After opening a snap that followed the call, I realized this was an emergency.

See below- I think the pictures speaks for itself.


Strike 1.

Then, the weather.

The next day we were supposed to go wine tasting in Malibu. This seemed less likely since it was a dark abyss, raining, and 60 degrees.


Strike 2


 Since Scopa and Gjelina were booked, we went to her favorite family restaurant- Hillstone.

As I slid into the booth, my friend Melissa was telling this story of how she fell when she first walked in the restaurant.

She’s little and can also be spastic, so I just assumed she was off balance with her high heels.

Everything seemed to be going fine. Perhaps the birthday curse was over…



We spoke too soon.

You can read about that experience on their Yelp page….

 It was now sunny on Saturday, burr but sunny.

Things were turning around. I go to pick up the cake at Sweet Lady Jane before the party and tell them I’m picking up for Lauren Kohli.


As I watch her go through the order forms she tells me, “we don’t have an order for Lauren Kohli.”

Aw hell.

The curse continues and I’m going to throw down my Bungalow savings for this cake.

Lauren will lose it.

After insisting she go through the order forms again, she pulls out a slip. “I have an order for Lausen Kohli.”


 No, that says Lauren Kohli. That’s an “R.”

She disagreed, but eventually gave me the cake. Aw hell, what if the cake says, “Happy Birthday Lausen?”


Luckily it didn’t, but that would have been a great top to the birthday curse.

Sunday was a disaster.

I win daughter of the year by showing up late to brunch with a bad hangover and a card that was for a completely different holiday…. Like honestly Papyrus??



Carms wasn’t really pissed at me until I started to complain about my mental state at The Grove.

To rid ourselves of the curse, Lauren and I decided to end the birthday on a high note at Milo & Olive.


After a glance at the menu, we realized not only did they remove the pasta we loved, they discontinued it.

Happy 25th Birthday Lausen.