Viva La Quinta

The swan said it all.

La Quinta Day Club

The swan and Pitbull music blasting at 3pm set the tone of our Memorial Day trip to Palm Desert.

She thought I was serious..

I envisioned my stay in Palm Springs to be calmer, quieter, than my past desert adventures-

Coachella, Vegas, and Tucson.


I can now add La Quinta to the list.

I walked into the adult pool to find VeyGau$ music blasting, the swan, and a marg waiting for me.


Thank god I left my Kindle in the room, as it would have been a major buzz kill to the day club vibe happening.

Were we in Vegas, Mexico, Tucson?


This La Quinta life confused us, but we enjoyed all the margs they could offer.

The pool literally ran out of tequila.

Guess which one is mine?
Guess which one is mine?



Birthday Queen
Birthday Queen

After my desert fiesta, I bopped to my new favorite place of Manhattan Beach and thanks to my good friend Emily, #TheStylistLA ordered the best chicken sandwich i’ve ever had.

Future roomie
Future roomie

Thanks for the recco, but now it’s time for Hunger Games.

Luau t-minus three weeks.