Sunday Scaries

Yesterday, I drove back at 8:30am from the quintessential CA destination for the 4th- Orange County.

As we drove through Long Beach, I presented the idea of stopping by the Aquarium of the Pacific, so I could throw myself into the shark tank.

Sunday Scaries.


I’ve referred to these as Sui Sundays for the past six years, but realize there’s a universal term used by all millenials.

The SS was definitely heightened because of the 4th of July.


Before Sunday, there was Friday, where we made the drive down to La Jolla for what was planned as a “relaxing holiday weekend.”



After realizing we were only able to stay at our perfect Bed and Breakfast, Scripps Inn, for one night, we decided to throw it back to sophomore year and head to Newport.


As we walked into one of the suites at The Inn, I immediately looked at the bellman and said this had to be a mistake.

“So which one of you is getting married?”


Thanks to my negotiation skills which could resemble begging for a second night at The Inn, the reservationist decided to take pity on our banishment to Newport and gave us a free upgrade.

I'll take it.
I’ll take it.

Fast forward from relaxation, Pinot Grigio, and calamari, and you have Newport.

Why? WHY?!


Exactly how I felt on the 4th after La Jolla banishment.
Exactly how I felt on the 4th after La Jolla banishment.

I am not underage and do not feel the need to run like a wild armadillo on the Newport Beach sand?

Oh, but I did.

No regrets.


Currently listening to Lionel Richie, wondering why life can’t be different?

My sunday pain was alleviated by a FaceTime request from Carms and my Aunt’s new Corgi puppy- Glenda.


My feelings exactly after this weekend.
My feelings exactly after this weekend.

It’s also Shark Week.

If you need to reach me after work, i’m busy searching for discounted flights to South Africa.

Dehydrated and going to Pressed,