Beachy and Binging

I have some exciting news.

I am a new mom.

A godmother that is…

No, not because I eat the Bay Cities sandwich on a weekly basis (shout out to UberEATS)!

I am the godmom to a baby corgi named Glenda.


Turns out, her name is really Glinda, but it’s so godmother of me to have a nickname and call her the wrong name.


I’ll be just like Kourtney and Scott (obviously in denial of the recent events)–how they refer to their daughter as “P”, Glenda/Glinda can be “G.”

G arrived at the perfect time, as the Sunday Scaries were starting to set in.

I do this to myself.


It had been a long week of indulgence #overeating starting with the Pier Concert on Thursday.

I am convinced that every Trader Joe’s, West of the 405, has an increase in sales between the hours of 5-7pm with every 20-something stopping to buy a random assortment of snacks.


Pita chips anyone?

One can never have too many rosemary crackers, as seen below.


What is sad about this spending, is that the snacks end up half eaten due to the exodus to 41 Ocean to beat the line.

The weekend consisted of me being beachy, binging, and continuing my food consumption tour on Sunday.

I bopped to WeHo for my favorite food-truck-turned restaurant, Cousins Maine Lobster, and then made a few impulse purchases later in the day.

The Connecticut Roll
The Maine Lobster Roll

Shark week is over, and I need to chill out with my Megaladon tendencies.



Missing G,