Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle.

This is not located in a tropical location.

That is a myth.

The Bermuda triangle is in Pasadena, CA and is in fact a very real place.


Where cell phones are of no use, liquids are limited, and despair is constant due to the overwhelming feeling of being stranded.

Help is not on the way.

What is this place called?

The Rose Bowl.


Each time I go, I think that I’ve learned from my past visits.

But, no.

I pay the price for my optimism, with blisters and FAT Uber fees.

We got tickets to UCLA VS. BYU game.

We must go!


We carpooled out there and enjoyed Stellas while tailgating.


We had wristbands that were supposed to give us access to the Blue Moon Club.

BMC= Burgers and Booze.

How glorious that they have this area, for adults to enjoy a college football game.

I was starting to take back my past comments of the Rose Bowl.

Did the Coliseum have this club?

I think not!

As we entered the BMC, I was followed by a Rose Bowl employee who ripped the wristband off my arm right after I heard, “mam, MAM!”

“These are fake.”


Luckily, there was a plethora of hot dog stands at which I inhaled my sorrows of not being able to hydrate at the Blue Moon Club.


After BYU was killing UCLA, we decided to leave and head to the Uber pickup area.

How organized of the Rose Bowl!


This was a mirage.

Uber created an address that the drivers could not get to.

After an hour of hassling the Uber reps, three cancelled rides, and too much heat, we decided to brave the elements (humidity) and attempt to find civilization on our own.


We hiked up a hill to my friend Cammie’s house, and prayed that the Uber would be able to find us.

Because we gave them an actual address, we were able to get picked up within 10 minutes.

I’ve never been so excited to see a Chevy Volt in my life.

After being seriously dehydrated, we spent the rest of the night at Q’s.

Sunday, I resembled Tom Hanks from Castaway, when he arrives back from the island.

I had such a greater appreciation for life. I was even happy to watch football all day long.

The state I was in….


We ended the weekend with hydrating on the beach in the sand.

Where’s Wilson?

I don’t care as long as I have my marg.