Winter Coat

Packing list for NYC:


All black clothing



No, the coat was not necessary.


My favorite new discovery- The Grand Central Market

Because an extra layer of warmth takes over my body between the months of September and January.

I call it, The Winter Coat.

The Winter Coat = the 2-5 LBS I gain every year during the-oh-so chilly 70 degree Los Angeles weather during the “winter” months.


I felt that my Winter Coat, which has been in full effect since the 10/1 return of pumpkin spice, would keep me warm for my work trip to NYC.



After Day 2, I was throwing hundred$ at Zara on a real winter coat that I would need to carry on the plane back to Los Angeles.


Even with the two Soul classes I did during my 6 days in NYC (currently feeling peasant status after realizing I spent 6 days there… ) my personal Winter Coat (not Zara) is in full force.

How could I not go and inhale every type of food, pastry, (and wine) NYC has to offer?

Am I just going to walk past the Dominique Ansel bakery?

I think not!



Day 1- after a turbulent and necessary chardonnay-filled plane ride, we headed to Momofuku and kicked off the food tour de NYC.

Shrimp buns from Momofuku

I created a map so we would never be in a neighborhood without knowledge of a good eatery.

Ginger scallion noodles

Day 2- I had the ultimate food hangover AND jet lag and (former-NY-and-now-LA-resident) #seankelly mocked me for this- “do you think you’re in Europe?” #rude and almost…

To work off the Coat, we spun our noodles and confetti cake balls away at Soul on Bryant park.


Which we then balanced out with crispy rice and chard at Momoya.



Day 3 of the tour de food- The addictive cake balls from Momo were calling, so we hopped down to East Village, and stopped at Upland which is a life-altering restaurant where I had the best salad of my entire life.

Cereal milk flavored ice cream- I’ll take it.
The Little Gem salad from Upland

Hustled up to Broadway for some rosé at the Knickerbocker, and to attempt a lottery for The Book of Mormon.

We did not win but managed to get ticket$.

Rooftop Rose with Moran

Legit peasant.

Before I continue with my food fiesta, we must focus on the new Adele song.


I nearly had an emotional breakdown at the Drybar in Bryant Park on Friday morning, as I plugged in my headphones to hear this musical masterpiece.
So many feels.



Stores in NY have adopted the Drybar model of getting a customer to have an enjoyable experience by pushing alcohol.


Perhaps, it was SOHO, or perhaps, it was Saturday, but alcohol was given to customers meandering through the streets, and not just high rollers.

Note to self… instead of spending $14, on a cantaloupe mimosa at Jack’s Wife Freda, just bop to West Village, for a buzz.


After being plied with these giveaways at three stores, I was ready to spend, and bought an overpriced For Love and Lemons dress.


The rest of the weekend consisted of numerous salmon benedicts, mimosas, and drinking gin in a bathtub.

Bathtub Gin

When in NYC, embrace the food, and put on your winter coat.