“Umm Lisa, I am getting a ton of action on social media. Maybe your blog thing should be a mother daughter project.”

Said my mom, after receiving more than 10 likes on Facebook for her meal prep pictures.

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Happy Thanksgiv everyone, and welcome to the 25th Holiday games.

Did you miss me?

You’re not the only one, as my parents probably told me 60 times over the past weekend how they would love for me to come home more often.


I am just trying to live my life parents!!!!!!


My holiday began with some lox, cream cheese, and the LA times, as I took the day off to educate myself with current events before sitting down at the dinner table.

Kylie and Tyga’s tumultuous love affair does not count.


I also took the day to experience a rebirth, which took approximately 4 hours at the Chris McMillan salon.

Thank you @badgal_bb for saving my hair

I finally feel back to my “natural” self.

I celebrated my newly blonde hair, with my ultra blonde friend John, with margs at the most festive place imaginable, The Grove.


I then checked a few teenagers for the pre-ordered Pumpkin Pie at Urth Cafe.

If you’re curious, they made 1300 pies this year.

I now understand why they were frustrated when I could not produce my confirmation number.

I had accomplished all of my pre-holiday tasks, before returning to my family home.

 There are three stages when returning home:


Nice wine, ditching the nightly Whole Foods sushi for a home cooked meal (or nice take-out) shout out to Nancy Silverton from Mozza!

Watching shows you would never watch since they’re not on Netflix or you’re “too busy.”

PBS has this great show called, “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having,” which totally fit in with the food theme for the week.



I am sleeping over but forgot an item.

Why do I only have tour t-shirts from 2003 and Juicy jackets?


Breaking point

The moment you are thankful you do not live at home.

Mine was when our lab, Bailey jumped up on the table and took a bite of the confirmation number pie I picked up.

Ignore the high school portrait lurking in the back.
Ignore the high school portrait lurking in the back.

There was also a weird moment that happened before the feasting.

I title this a T-giving scary.

The “scaries” usually happen on Sunday as the result of a hangover /deep despair, and irrational life reflections.

This scary happened pre-meal, and was definitely disorienting.

The common thoughts included-

Who am I?

What is life?

Will wine make me feel better in 3 hours?


The above were disregarded, as it was time to pop champagne, and pretend like life wasn’t so weird while inhaling stuffing and my FAVORITE cranberry sauce in a can.

It’s a classic.

Each year, I have between 1-2 family members approach me to make me verbally sign an NDA not discussing the events of the evening.


The two stars of my past #thanksgiv blogs, were not present this holiday. Sigh.

But my napkins were, which were my main contribution besides my knowledge of current events.


While I tried to cure my food hangover with a workout and some overpriced shopping, I ended the holiday with a piece of cake and a trip to my second sanctuary besides The Bungalow, the Arclight.


Special thanks to Carms and Hone for always loving me unconditionally and housing me in their home.

Jonathan for the oatmeal pie, and my camouflage cat Boo, for re-emerging Friday afternoon, after we thought he had escaped during the inebriated dinner.


See you next week after I return from… Arkansas, Chicago, and a birthday…

Not listing the number.