Hunger Hangover

Effective November 8th, I have been a frenzied holiday vacuum, consuming all festive food items.


I have not stopped eating.

It was Friendsgiving that kicked off the month long food coma, and I have been a stuffed turkey ever since.


The winter coat is on.


To add an extra layer, I have been sick AF, AND it is starting to get below 70 degrees outside.



The ultimate-

Oh sorry, I got distracted because a Pizza Hut commercial came on.

That new three tier pizza box seems like such a good idea.

The ultimate meal of the season, #thanksgiv was fabulous partially because of the entertainment at the event.


My dog Bailey is out of control.

Usually he is stealth; Flipping over trays of food after the room has cleared.
From tin foil to turkey, nothing stops him from getting his food.


Bailey decided to lunge at the cheese ball in front of the entire party.

The cheese ball is a sacred and secret recipe, that only few members of my family have access to.

Yes, that is how coveted the recipe is.

Bailey disregarded any social boundaries, and went all in on the food.

The sad thing is, I saw myself in my 85 pound yellow lab.

This is how I’ve felt since November 8th.


DGAF, and hungry.

Perhaps it is because I am once again in denial of my increasing age.

With my birthday this week, there will be no gold foil numbered balloons.


Perhaps, I will purchase the balloons, except instead of listing my age they’ll spell out my alter ego with the winter coat.


Hungry AF.