One Night in KC

Kansas City, you did not disappoint.

You delivered after a turbulent three and half hour flight  on American Eagle.



I flew in expecting country, and was surrounded by culture.

KC does not get the credit it deserves.

From the Crossroads to Westport, the city is surprisingly sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

“Why are you going to Kansas City?”


My answer to all:

I am visiting my BFF who does the news there.

I flew in for literally 24 hours.

Not really, but I landed on Friday @ 12am and left on Sunday @ 2pm.


I was greeted by Dolly, (yes, Lexi brought her cat to the airport to greet me) and got a tour of The Plaza, which looked like “It’s a Small World” at Christmas time.


We had one day to explore, so we kicked off #lcjoneskc with brunch at Gram & Dun.

Brunch in the Midwest is not like brunch in LA.

Meat. On meat. On meat.


Our appetizer: Asian pig wings.

Ordering a salad was almost comical.


We stopped at the WWI museum to get a lay of the land, and were accosted by a 12-year-old, who decided to provoke a snowball fight with Lexi.


We got off at Main and waved at the streetcar, drank whiskey, and decided to sample every pastry at Yummy! bakery.


The banana bread was to die. # butter

After I tried to cure my coldness with carbs, we got home, reflected, and were off.


Alehouse was the place to be seen by every millennial in the city.

We ended the night at Mosaic:

The Vegas of the Midwest.


Sunday was rough.

Dolly attacked my calf, the BBQ place we wanted to go was closed, and it started raining.



I did get to inhale some mac & cheese before I left, and attempted to buy a Baldwin hat, but the guy assisting us, seemed to be struggling as much as we were.



Thanks, @lexisutter for the great trip, and shout out to all the @uber drivers for making our rides so weird.