2017- Year of the Gig

My New Year’s revelations appeared long before Mariah Carey decided to lip sync in Times Square on 12/31.


It happened during the heat of the December, resulting in a nasty holiday hangover.

Not because of all the pinot noir I was guzzling at the dinner table Nov-Dec, but because of the energy I was exerting for wrapping, giving, shopping, waiting, ordering.


Ain’t nobody got time for that.

A gift that I kept receiving besides the countless Starbucks cards, which are currently floating around my purse (you can combine them all here), were happiness journals.

Apparently, more than one person thought this would be a gift I could use, and it was/is.

This was another gift I received. Coasters with my family Christmas card. Cool.

My takeaways

  1. Stop Trying to be Perfect
    • Anyone that knows me, knows I am far from the definition of a perfectionist, but there are certain details I tend to focus on, that end up hurting me and the people around me. I love to plan perfection, but if you haven’t learned from experience, the best kind of “perfection” are the moments that are not planned. Let. It. Go. GOOOOOO!
  2. Stop Spending
    • This is where my planning perfection must reverse itself. My bank account is a food journal of my frivolous activity, that needs to be controlled. Whole Foods will be visited only once a week. #peasantforlyfe
  3. Live Más
    • No, do not go to the drive thru, but follow the T-bell slogan.  Do what you love, and make the time for it.


Enough of my revelations, here are my promises to you:

Each week there will be a new post.

New content, new giggles.

Everyone Bear Down because it is about to get real.